About Us


The Caviar Collection was created for people with a passion for this beautiful plant. Our team has been working with cannabis for over ten years, from cultivation to production to customer service. Together we have combined our experience into an unequalled and flawless product.


To produce a premium product, we began with the basics. We work exclusively with leading craft cultivators to source delicious and notable strain profiles. Then, we layer on the golden concentrates from trusted names in the extraction business. Every product within the Caviar Collection comes with a seal of approval.

An Exceptional Experience

Once you’ve dabbled with The Caviar Collection, you’ve officially joined the ranks of the world’s most exclusive cannabis club — The Caviar Club. Our rock and pre-roll collections are truly a step above the rest.

Each Moonrock and Sunrock starts with a hand-selected premium flower, drizzled in the finest concentrates and sugar-coated with kief. Now, with the Diamond Pre Roll collection, you can take this extraordinary experience to go.

Step 1. It All Starts With Premium Ingredients

Smooth. Consistent. Slow burning. The Caviar Collection delivers a memorable experience every single time. Our complete lineup is built on a foundation of high-quality ingredients. From Moonrocks to Sunrocks to Diamond Infused Pre Rolls, we deliver a special experience to our growing community of passionate cannabis connoisseurs.